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the fan is a Flex-a-lite 104360 - Flex-A-Lite Syclone S-Blade Electric Fan and here is a picture of how i installed it:

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the mounting straps are something i picked up at Lowes and bent to shape. i don't believe in attaching the fan by tiewraps through the condenser/radiator....

you need to reach around behind the radiator and unplug the power wires from the old fan and then connect wires from the new fan to the plug of the old fan wires (you could cut the plug off and just splice the wires, but i didn't want to...) making sure that you get the polarity (+ & -) correct so that the fan pushes air rather than pulls air, and then you have to reverse the fan blade on the motor shaft so that the fan leading edge is oriented correctly for use as a pusher (the fan instructions tell you how to do this)

if you have wired the new fan to the old wires correctly then the fan will work (turn on/turn off cycle) just as the OEM fan did.

any further questions, please ask


PS: if you are ever going to use the car as a towed vehicle behind, say, a motor home; then the fan i used may be too large in diameter and may prevent you from mounting a base bracket (i learned this the hard way... my solution was to buy another Smart to mount my tow stuff on....)

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