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Coupe top vs. cabriolet top

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I've got a coupe, so I know it well. I'm considering a cabriolet and want to know what differences there are and what things I need to consider/know. Is the cabriolet top just one thickness of canvas between you and the elements or is there some kind of interior liner? In the coupe, the tail gate has a compartment to store the charging cable. I think on the cabriolet that compartment is used to store the side rails. Is that correct and if so, is there a place to store the charging cable? What issues have you found with the cabriolet that may not be issues with the coupe?


2014 EV
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In the diesels, the coupé has massive engine noise but it's muted in the cabriolet. Wind noise is, however, worse in the cabriolet. The soft top makes the car so much more fun and versatile. I have stuffed my Cervélo racing bike in the car behind the seats sticking up vertically with the top down and two in the car. I'd not want a hardtop smart.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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