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Dash Board Space Liners for 451s

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Dash Board Cubbie Liners for 451s

OEM/Brand New - 3 Piece Set
This item seems to be a hot one with 451 owners!
$30 + $6 Shipping Easy, I take Pay Pal Family and Friends. Have a good number of these 451 cubbie liner sets.
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Had to ask; are those the little rubber trays that go in the cubbies on either side of the wheel and in the glove box? If so, I’m interested!

Can’t send a PM as the forum says you aren’t accepting. Not clear if it’s disabled or full. Pass along PayPal and I’ll have payment along ASAP!
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Hello, Yes, Sorry for the late response. I'm having difficulties with postings and I don't know what's going on.
Yes, they are the rubber liners for the 451 "cubbies."
I'll need your complete name and address, so why not contact me on my email address directly which is also my PayPal Friends and Family Account.
[email protected]

Talk with you on the other side, Thank You
Skippy, The reason why I am contacting you again is to see if you really want a set of the "Cubbie Liners." I have a bunch of packages to take to the post office tomorrow and thought if you wanted them, I can pack up a set and send your out too. Basically the way I have it with those are the total cost is $36 which also includes the shipping/postage fee.
So get back to me tonight if you can with your full name and complete address, but do so by contacting me directly on my email which also serves as my Friends & Family PayPal Account.
[email protected]
Skippy, Are you there? Trying to reach out to you.
Gotcha! PM received. Email sent; I’m with you, the mobile version of this page isn’t acting right - never got thread response notifications from visiting, and quite a pain in the buns just trying to type (and now send) this reply! Email it is! ?
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