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We have a 2016 Smart fortwo purchased only two weeks ago. This past weekend, when leaving a restaurant, we could not get the shifter out of park. Called Smart Roadside Assistance who contacted a tow company. The tow truck operator winched our car onto the ramp of his truck by wrapping two straps on the rear axles and dragging the car with the rear wheels dragging.

Turns out the shifter button had failed, so it would not engage the pin necessary to tell the transmission to change from park to reverse, or neutral, or drive. Our MB dealer ordered and installed a new shifter, and all is well now.

Problem is, this is the second time we've experienced this issue. The first was with a Smart fortwo loaner which had an engine cooling problem. After we had that vehicle towed to the MB dealer it would also not shift out of park.

I cannot find any threads of drivers reporting this problem. Are we unique?
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