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Dead Battery - Replaced with New Battery NOW ELECTRICAL ISSUES

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The title pretty much says it all ... I have a 2009 Passion that the battery went DOA from sitting ... I did have issues prior to that where the battery would be sucked down do to the parasitic issues commonly found in the SMARTs. Knowing this I purchased a new battery but could not find one exactly the same Cranking Amps (-100 amps) .. Yet the battery was same height, width but length was a bit shorter than the original.
After I installed the new battery and turned the key I showed nothing on my dashboard .... Turning the key and tried to start and nothing ... So I pulled my truck in and ran some jumper cables to the new battery and then turned the key and dash lit up and the engine would start. I removed the jumper cables from the SMART and tried to drive it and there was a big Mercedes logo with a "!" next to it and the dash lights would flash off and on - transmission was fighting the drive until the SMART actually died! ... Tried to start and nothing again no dash lights nothing... Had to jump the SMART again and fight it all the way back to the house ....

Now when I drove it last it ran like a top and was fun to drive ... After replacing the dead battery with a new one .. something has happened ...

Has anyone ever experienced this and if so what is problem? Is it because of the smaller battery causing this? Like I said its only 100 cranking amps less than original..
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Hello jwight .. Thanks for the Welcome!

YUP! . . That's what I did (forgot to add that info) ... I took it in and they load tested it .. said all was good ..

But I don't know this one really has me puzzled ...
Finally found a H5 battery in my small town and plan on picking that up tomorrow and see if just maybe it's due to the battery CC amps... if it is this will be the first in my life have I ever known a battery giving a car fits ..

Does this site offer info on warning logos? ... What's up with the big "Mercedes Emblem with a "!" (exclamation mark) - My SMART never had that before ... also have the wrenches flashing...
Its apparently not a "Mercedes Emblem with a "!" (exclamation mark) its a Emblem of a Steering Wheel with Exclamation Mark (Looks just like a Mercedes Emblem to me!).

Meaning: The yellow steering wheel and exclamation mark means a fault with the power steering assistance. Depending on your version of Fortwo, the warning light along with the warning message 'Steering Malfunction See Owner's Manual' or 'Electronic Malfunction See Owner's Manual' will display.
What to do:
The malfunction in the power steering assistance will make steering harder. Check to ensure you can continue steering particularly at slow speeds. If you can, you can continue to drive. Have system serviced as soon as possible.
Hi Oliver
I agree ... the CCA should not make any difference ... However, I looked into needed battery rating by SMART and it was stated the recommended SMART car battery has to be 12vdc @ 42AH (amp hours) (REF: Owners Manual). Which in reality the battery I purchased is actually below that amp hour rating (not cold cranking amps).
But I agree .. like you it shouldn't make any difference .. I will make the trade out today and see if there is any change. CCA for this type of auto could almost be a lawn battery .. 3 cyl doesn't take much to start this engine.. HOWEVER, with all the drainage (parasitic) sources that are on the battery must be more than expected.
BUT! here is food for thought .. My truck has large batteries onboard being a diesel .. as soon as I hook up the jumper cables from the truck to the car all dash indications seems normal .. no warning indications etc .. So I have to believe there must be something relevant to that . We will see and I'll report back for others if they have a battery failure in the future.
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Bought new Duracell Ultra Gold BCI Group 47 Car and Truck Battery SLI47H5M at Batteries and Bulbs - Installed in the SMART and all is back to normal now.. Drove car without any issues no warning dash alarms ... Just as it was before the battery died ... So don't buy an underrated battery - check the specs and see what the Amp Hour rating is before your purchase.
This battery specs out at:
  • Item Number: SLI47H5M
  • Brand: Duracell Ultra
  • Voltage: 12
  • Format: BCI Group 47
  • Lead Acid Type: Starting
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 650
  • Battery Type: Standard
  • Capacity 20hr: 60AH <= Per SMART battery specs: 12vdc @ 42AH
  • Chemistry: Lead Acid
  • Cranking Amps: 800
  • Lead Acid Design: Flooded
  • Made in the USA: True
  • Maintenance Free: Yes
  • Product Category: Auto/Light Truck
  • Product Sub Category: Premium Flooded
  • Terminal Type: SAE, Automotive Post
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • Warranty: 36 Month Free Replacement
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs
  • Length: 9.5625 in
  • Width: 6.875 in
  • Height: 7.5 in
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