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Dealer repair, part rebreaks, compression low.

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2008. With 115k miles on it.
So dealer fixed the water outlet pipe socket (coolant leak on engine) and car drove fine after repair. Then same pipe socket broke again after 1500miles. They replaced the socket under part warranty but they could start the car before starting the repair nor after. They checked compression, low on cylinders 90, 40, 70. Leak down not done yet. They only repaired because they could charge MB for faulty part.
During repair, no coolant in around spark plugs and coolant system held pressure so head gasket might be fine. Plus saw no coolant in oil.

Guessing overheated. What recourse do i have?

Once car is out of factory warranty, i have always done my own work so this has never happened. This wasn't my car to begin with.
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Typically the warranty not only covers the part replaced, but any damage that warranted failed part might have caused.

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That is what I figured but i seen wording on other products that say it covers the specific product and not anything else. Like batteries for a wireless mouse, batteries cover but not the mouse unless they want to be good about it.
I was thinking of contacting MB but should i go through the dealer as a first step (go up the chain to the main service manager)? As the assistant service manager I dealt with already said you need new engine and left it at that. No further help on anything. He never told me they ran a compression test even when I dropped by twice. I found out on from the workorder; hence, thinking of going directly to MB.

The only other MB dealer that is owned by someone else is 50-60miles away.
I'd start at the dealership where the work was done, service manager, general manager, etc. Then if you get no satisfaction, I'd ask for the contact info for the regional manager.

Good luck.

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I would check your engine mounts which h may have caused the water outlet to break. The low compression issue may be caused y carbon building up on the valves. I would try a double dose of Marvel Mystery Oil to a full tank of fuel & see if that helps. Too bad the dealer didn't run a camera down I to #2 cylinder & see what is going on.
Normal compression is 140 psi... Sounds more like the engine over heated without coolant. Could be anything after the engine over heated from burned valves, leaking cylinder head gasket, cylinder head deformation to contaminated oil with coolant, sorry to say this but the engine is probably toast. And yes, I believe if the engine mounts are bad there is huge movement in the engine bay which could lead to ruptured water hoses or connections...
I recommend everyone to run the torque app with a Bluetooth dongle to monitor coolant temp and alternator volts. If you look at old postings how there engines died, you
will mostly find there serpentine belt broke - so no water-pump - no cooling. The idiot lights in the dash instrument cluster will go on when it is too late!

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Or a Scanguage or an UltraGuage. :)
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Or a Scanguage or an UltraGuage. :)
Yes a 10$ OBD2 Bluetooth dongle, a 3$ vent phone holder and torque pro app for 4.95$ will do the same if you own an older deactivated phone...

You can a well set low and high values and the dial will flash as a warning...


Anything what lets you monitor volts and coolant temp is actually a must have for older or high mileage Smart 451 in my opinion...
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I have a borescope to look down the cylinder but haven't got around yet (still working and back is hurt). Need to get a leakdown tester and/or compression tester 12mm adpater. I didn't drive it so not sure how overheated it got. But with those compression values probably alot plus they don't hold alot coolant and when you add antifreeze, it just pours out.
I saw somewhere a guy replaced his gauge cluster with an OEM that has a temp bar graph on the right side(i think right side). Really dumb not to have it for us that always glance at gauges as it is just coded software and the crystal screen is the same cost.
Problem is i can't run the MMM nor others as engine doesn't start.
Going to see how far i can get with the dealer and MB. Expecting nothing but we'll see.
The large break happened on the housing of the socket. The small hose coming from it to the top of engine is broken off and you can see a large hole in the socket.
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