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THAT sounds like the absolute truth to me. If anyone knows it would be YOU or another long timer! Plus jwight gave his blessing so I will take it as gospel. Thank you MM! My 2012 has four 6" wheels so I assumed that someone wanted to rotate the tires so they put 6" wheels on the front to enable that. I'm not sure how important rotating tires are on such a light car? However, I know for a fact that oversteer is dangerous and could be deadly. My 2011 451 has the correct wheels in the correct place. Fortunately they both needed New sneakers and since they both have Brabus wheels the 175's presently on the front of the 2012 won't go to waste. I WILL need a pair of 15"x 5" Brabus wheels to make it right again though, any ideas?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts