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dipped interior dash panels

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Figured instead of posting this in the thread with the carbon fiber steering wheel, i'd start a different thread... since, you know, it's a completely different topic.

For quite some time i've been wanting to add a pop of color to the interior of my 453. As much as i love it.... I was getting bored of the black on gray on black with touches of gray. So, After much deliberation, and attempting a vinyl wrap (which i found to be WAY beyond my abilities), I decided on plasti-dip aerosols.

What i ended up using was 4 thin layers of Black & Blue dip to get a base down, followed by 3 slightly heavier layers of the Sapphire Blue pearlizer, and finally 2 similar coats of Glossifier. Used nearly the entire can of both the black & blue and the pearlizer just trying to get the right effect, and good coverage, without any runs or any blotchy areas until I finally got a result i'm happy with. All the curves in the pieces kinda make it difficult to figure out what position is best to have the pieces in before spraying them so you don't potentially end up with puddles of dip or a huge run somewhere. I'll have to take a better picture of it... hopefully pictures will come out better when they're actually installed in the car, since in this picture it basically still looks kinda gray.

Think my next little experiment might be going to one of the local leather shops and seeing if they sell pieces of leather that i might be able to use to try to make my own shift boot. Would be even better if they had white leather... kinda make the interior ALMOST match the exterior...

Will try to get a good picture of the panels after I install them sometime tomorrow.


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Huh, that turned out superb! Hmmm...Maybe I'll spice up my 451 interior the same way. :D
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