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2009 smart 451 - heater blower quit. No power getting to the blower motor - all fuses good - etc, etc, etc. Went through the Forums - wanted to try everything before I started cutting wires. One of the posts was about a connector on the back of the SAM being intermittent. I lowered the SAM and removed all the connectors - cleaned them all with CF - let everything dry - put them all back. Unfortunately I did this with the battery connected which seems to have caused an issue. Now there is no ABS or Power Steering on the car - with the associated warning lights on. I have a ScanGuage (custom installed in the top trim - see my other posts). The ScanGuage shows no codes stored.

On a side note - I did do the power port to blower motor connection to make the blower motor work again - which works great.

Do I need to get this to someone with a STAR to have these items re-programmed? If so - does anyone know of someone in the Louisville, KY area - other than the dealer - who has one?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Santa Michael
(my signature seems to have disappeared!)
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