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Do we need to reel this guy in?

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This is in the General Discussion forum and is at least the second time a post of his has come up.



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I will post where I post.

I don’t need the man who really built the Tesla to send me anymore antagonizing private messages.

You are first ******* I have met on this entire forum.

I said I was sorry, what the **** ?

Do you want to fist fight ? I don’t fight for free.

In public, I am sorry I hijacked your post. A thread that the J has created from nothing.

Stop, right now.
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Agree if he is getting PM's of a bad nature, they should be reported as such. either way, posting a threat is a big no-no and needs to be addressed with some sort of a penalty such as points so if it continues, the accrued points will give us a history of his actions.
Jut my opinion but we should levy points on both offenders.

To give an infraction, open up their user profile. There should be a tab labeled Infractions , click on it. then select Give Infraction. On that page, you will see a list of infractions, and their corresponding points. Personal Attack is worth 1 point. You can also give a warning which gives no points. Points are levied for the number of months listed, then drop off. Personal attacks are 6 months, more serious ones may never drop off. Once the get 5 or more points, they earn the appropriate action listed at the bottom under Ban User, anything from 2 days to forever.

I would then inform him that he has received an infraction for his action and include a quote from the Terms Of Service addressing his infraction. (listed under FAQ at the top of each page)
Hope this helps.
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