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Hello everyone.
I recently came back to this Forum to research a 12V battery issue and was surprised by how much the Electric Drive section had matured since the days I used to be a regular lurker (circa 2015). The amount of useful information and knowledgeable enthusiasts is great, which makes sense considering that the car has been in people's hands for a few years. Very cool!

A few years ago I called MB Financial Services and was able to get a lot of helpful info from a kind and knowledgeable rep. I figured it would be a good idea to share my notes with you, hoping it helps those of you who happen to own the car but lease the battery like me.
  • The battery starts depreciating after the first 5 years at a rate of approximately $80 x month.
  • After 10 years, you can make a final $200 payment and you own the battery.
  • If the battery is replaced at any point under BAP, the depreciation or 10 year ownership schedule is unaffected. In other words, if your battery fails right before the 5th year, you get a new one which will start depreciating a few months later - regardless of the recent replacement. Similarly, if you get a new battery right before the 10th year mark, you'll still have no financial obligations to MB if you pay the $200 ownership fee a few months later.
Hopefully this is helpful, if it's old news I'll delete the thread so we don't clutter too much.

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