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Does the smart have a heartbeat?

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Hi, I drive a new Suzuki Alto down here in Australia. A review of the car I read said three-cylinder engines have a distinct "heartbeat" throb at idle and mine sure does. Have any of you smart owners noticed anything similar?
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My idle's smooth - no variations with regular or irregular cadence to note.
Same here! Smoothest little engine I've ever seen. Obviously, a well engineered engine.
Agreed. It is very smooth for me too. Butch seems to believe it is idling rough and I'm sure those fine tip spark plugs would help idle, but other than that, no complaints here.
Since day one, mine's had a barely noticeable irregular beat when idle and AC is off (950 RPM)... just the nature of the engine's harmonic vs the shape of everything around it. Bring it up to 1050 RPM (A/C on) and it's smoother. Only seems like a defect if you're used to a larger engine. I'm running stock everything - so if new plug designs smooth it out, I'll upgrade because that means cleaner combustion at idle - which is a lot of time in city streets.
I wonder if the resonator takes it out. I do hear it but it is very faint
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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