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Drilling out the other tow hole (left front fender)

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I have acquired a new left fender for my 2009 fortwo/451. I know people have drilled out the hole which was blocked on the left side.
From among those who did it: did you use a template of some kind?
Are there lines to follow on the internal side of the fender?
What size bit? What kind of tool? Did you use a drill motor, a plunge-cut router?

I just returned from six days in the hospital with pneumonia.
After I catch up at work, I'll tackle this job on the next available weekend.

I await your wisdom. Thanks!

PS Has anyone modded things for rear tow holes?
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Paul used to own Barnes Machine Service. He made the rear camber eliminator kit. He sold his business and retired as far as I know. I am pretty sure he lives somewhere in Ohio. PM
"Jetfuel" on this site. They are friends and should be able to give you Paul's contact information. Good luck finding what you need.
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I knew Jetfuel would come to the rescue. Thanks.
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