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Drilling out the other tow hole (left front fender)

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I have acquired a new left fender for my 2009 fortwo/451. I know people have drilled out the hole which was blocked on the left side.
From among those who did it: did you use a template of some kind?
Are there lines to follow on the internal side of the fender?
What size bit? What kind of tool? Did you use a drill motor, a plunge-cut router?

I just returned from six days in the hospital with pneumonia.
After I catch up at work, I'll tackle this job on the next available weekend.

I await your wisdom. Thanks!

PS Has anyone modded things for rear tow holes?
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Paul would know the position, and procedure......

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Thanks for the info. Who is Paul? What is his forum name and how do I contact him?
Thanks very much
Paul used to own Barnes Machine Service. He made the rear camber eliminator kit. He sold his business and retired as far as I know. I am pretty sure he lives somewhere in Ohio. PM
"Jetfuel" on this site. They are friends and should be able to give you Paul's contact information. Good luck finding what you need.
Thanks very much for your help!
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Contact the smart madness vendor too. Go to their web page. Boris folks will be glad to assist you.

Thanks! Is Boris in the US or outside?
...somebody ring?...
...drill a pilot hole...3/8 will do it...26 1/2 inches from the right hole center...and level with right side...the final diameter will be determined by the diameter of the cover plug...
...BarneyO thought he was going to retire but he's as busy now as he was before and resides out in the corn fields of Shelbyville Illinois...

Is he the guy with the smart fortwo tractor?
...not that I know off...but. He did built a combine/snow plow with a 350 Chevy engine for the town he lives in....
...he also went nuts and built a Toyota powered smart that just rocks...we called Frankensmart....a true work of love...dedication...and ingenuity that will blow you away...
...check it out whenever you get some time

Jetfuel...not as nuts as he is....
This is not nuts, it's pushing the envelope.
I drilled out the left side for the tow hook just measure the same spot as the right side and then use a simple hole drill the same size as the right you can call me with questions 509 969 0805
Thanks for your help. When I dig myself out of the snow I will call.
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