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Driver-side seat height adjustment | Aftermarket seats

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The 453 Pure I recently purchased doesn't have driver seat height adjustment whereas the higher-level trims do.
I test drove a Passion model with height-adjustable seats and felt that I had more headroom with the seat fully down than I do now in my Pure. Does anyone know of a way to lower the driver seat further while retaining the seat rails?

Finding a height-adjustable 453 driver's seat in mint black condition from a Passion+ trim is proving to be difficult. I'm also interested if anyone has successfully swapped in aftermarket seats, and if so, I would love to see pictures.

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It looks like your factory seats are leather whereas mine is the standard cloth.

Wow, never thought I'd see a Bride seat in a 453, awesome! Did you get lucky with the floor mounting hole width being the same or did you have to make/buy an adapter?

My 453 is all red/black on the outside and completely black on the inside so I'm contemplating a red & black pair of seats, e.g., this Braum pair (see attached). My biggest concerns are:
A) Finding the correct mounting adapters as I still wish to retain the rails rather than side mounting it directly to the floor. No sales site seems to sell any Smart-specific adapters so it's a bit a gamble. Maybe the universal ones they do sell will work.
B) Making sure the aftermarket seats aren't too wide as space seems to be a bit tight even with the factory seats.


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