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driving lights

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i am thinking about installing some driving lights and i see these abbreviations but don't know what they mean. COB CREE SMD CANBUS

also i was told the light harness is tucked away near where the driving lights would be. i was wondering about hooking the lights up to those wires and instead of running wires i just cut the appropriate wires on the SAM and just used them to power the lights from the fuse block.
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My take on this is that you might be asking for trouble. Problem with some aftermarket upgrades such as what you are suggesting may put too much strain on your existing wiring and SAM and the result would be melted contacts and damaged wiring. Same reason installing halogen bulbs in old cars (70's and 80's) could be a good or bad thing as the wiring was not up to snuff and it was mandatory to use a relay or risk melting the existing switches and wires. My understanding is that the relays are on the SAM so if you fry something it isn't going to be cheap.

Also seems to me it might have been more cost effective to just have bought a car with all the modifications already installed......why I sat back and waited until I found the smart Brabus cabriolet I wanted with all the options I wanted. Granted on the Brabus that is not much basically just the Bluetooth handsfree kit and I think cargo cover.
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