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driving without oil drain plug washer?

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Is there supposed to be a washer on the drain plug? On some oil change tutorials on youtube they had one. I've changed my oil today by myself and didn't notice it there.

I plan on adding it for the next oil change. If someone could point me to where to purchase the correct size, would be appreciated.
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Bought a bunch of them at the smart dealership. I do my own oil changes. Cheapest item, I’ve ever bought from them.

Smart madness carries them for 14 bucks.

22mm I/D, 32mm O/D and 1mm thick. I measured one of mine.
You probably buy at any parts store.

Advance Auto carries them too.

Walmart carries the plug and washer.
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$14.00??? Can't be made of copper, must be "unobtainium?"

I saw them on SM @ $4.99?
At madness, that’s for a set of 4 washers. Which is a good deal. 5 bucks for 1 washer there.
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