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drl/fog lite

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I pulled the fog lite cut-out out and saw a wire harness with a yellow plug just sitting there. I assume this runs to the SAM? Is there any way I can use that harness/plug without having to go to MB to activate it. I am installing an 8 row led lite in there and haven't decided if I want them on for day and nite or just when the head lites are on.

please advise on what you think i should do and how to activate them

thank you for your help
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I ran my own wiring down there. There's a slot on the SAM that only is switched on with the ignition. You can wire up some lights to it, then run a switch to a blank space on the button bank to make a factory-like setup.

I think there's an Evilution article on it somewhere...

But for me, I use my fog lights as a DRL setup that's not unlike an Acura MDX, so they're wired directly to that open slot on the SAM. They only come on when the ignition is on and they're on for the duration that the ignition is on.
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Good advice there Jo e Lefors! :)

Yeah, if you're adding accessories to the car, use the open ports on the SAM (usually they're for features your car either didn't come with or just weren't available on the US models) with proper gauge wire, proper fuse, and grounded to the grounding posts located in various places in the car.

Done well, it'll last you effectively the life of the car. :D
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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