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Eaton Level 2 Charging Station

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I just installed an Eaton Level 2 charging station and wanted to post my thoughts on the unit. I chose the Eaton as it was available through Home Depot Canada and was the only one that HD sold here that was for indoor / outdoor installations.

The good:
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Reasonable mounting bracket
  • 24' charging cable
  • Sturdy
  • Eaton trusted name in power systems
  • Good cable magament / storage

The not so good:
  • "Intuitive" controls, not so intuitive
  • No charging complete indicator
  • No stop button (relies on charging cord release button)
  • LED illumination an option, but not via Home Depot

I wanted to purchase a unit and have it installed by an electrician of my choice, as I found the whole process of contacting a consultant to do a review of my electrical system quite unnecessary and rather expensive. After all there is no magic to a Level 2 EVSE. It is simply a sophisticated GFCI along with a controlled relay that switches off and on the 240 V supply. The on-board controller does communicate with the vehicle and does monitor for over-current situations in order to protect the vehicle, the electrical system and ultimately the end-user. That being said, they should cost more in the vicinity of $500 and the installation is no more complicated that installing a hot tub, so a good electrician can complete the work.

All in all the Eaton is a good choice, is well made and I expect that it will be very reliable. The price on Canada is just under $1,000, which comparatively, is in about the mid range in terms of current pricing for Level 2 EVSE units.
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BC has a program that covers $500 to install a home Level 2 EVSE. That pays for half of the unit itself. I am out of pocket for the electrical work, but that was less than $500 for materials and labour.
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