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ED Life Expectancy

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I just recently had my HV battery replaced at 13,500 miles on a 2016 451, under warranty. I am now curious as to what to expect for the life expectancy of my car. Is there a standard life expectancy for these cars? Or is it just a crap-shoot? I should note, I love driving the car and plan to drive it until it dies or becomes so undependable that it is not worth the effort.
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Well, now that I know the worst case scenario, what is the best case? What is the highest mileage someone has put on a Smart EV? The oldest Smart EV still running? Give me something to shoot for....

The failures of battery packs on the Smart ED's have nothing to do with the life of the lithium cells - the failure is in the buggy BMS software - which can only be fixed under the corporate-mandated repair rules by replacing the whole battery pack.

The ED uses 'NMC Cells - LiNIMnCO2. Properly cared for, the battery should last at least 15 years and at least 2000 charge cycles to the point where it loses 20 percent of capacity.

The key to long lithium battery life is keeping the battery at no more than 60 percent SOC and only charging it full within a few hours of using the car. This is especially important in hot climates. Another precaution for colder climates is to find way to keep the car in a place where exposures to temperatures below -25C (-13F) for more than a day or so can be avoided.

As far as a best case scenario for car life, like most electronic devices, the probability of failure goes way down after a shake-down/burn-in period. So if you can get it through the first 3-4 years withot trouble, it should be trouble free for a long time
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