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ED Life Expectancy

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I just recently had my HV battery replaced at 13,500 miles on a 2016 451, under warranty. I am now curious as to what to expect for the life expectancy of my car. Is there a standard life expectancy for these cars? Or is it just a crap-shoot? I should note, I love driving the car and plan to drive it until it dies or becomes so undependable that it is not worth the effort.
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Yes, the back story was documented in detail about a month ago. See "Drive System, Engine Off". My MB dealer was very accommodating, not that I will expect such when the warranty is over in August. But, back to my question, surely when they developed these cars that there was some expectation as to how long they were to last.
Well, now that I know the worst case scenario, what is the best case? What is the highest mileage someone has put on a Smart EV? The oldest Smart EV still running? Give me something to shoot for....
Mine has always easily charged to 100%, but I don't usually charge it more than 75 or 80% unless I really need it. It's always garaged or parked in the shade. I drive it moderately in mostly city driving. So it has an easy life. My other car rarely gets driven these days. Hopefully it has newer contactors as well now and will last a long time. How long? Guess I'll find out.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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