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ED Life Expectancy

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I just recently had my HV battery replaced at 13,500 miles on a 2016 451, under warranty. I am now curious as to what to expect for the life expectancy of my car. Is there a standard life expectancy for these cars? Or is it just a crap-shoot? I should note, I love driving the car and plan to drive it until it dies or becomes so undependable that it is not worth the effort.
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As an owner of a 2014 Mercedes B-Class Electric and now a 2013 smart 451, I can tell you that both have about 80% or more of their original capacity and are going fine. Like the smart, a few B-Class electrics have catastrophic (motor/controller) failure that ends the car's life prematurely. But aside from those special cases, like "MB DNA" says, nobody knows the life expectancy. On you can find 2012 Tesla Model S's selling for over $30k. So far so good!
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