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2017 453 Passion ED/EQ
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The "Service Reports" booklet that came with my 2017 453 has 15 pages all the same, with the following texts to be completed or checked off :

>> Confirmations:
Complete in full:
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
Service A:
Service B:
Repair order no. (if applicable):
Next maintenance due, Miles:
Next maintenance due, Month/year:
Service carried out in accordance with specifications:

Brake fluid
Brake pads/linings, front axle
Brake pads/linings, rear axle
Activated charcoal dust filter
Desiccant cartridge
12 V on-board electrical system battery

Rubber stamp/Signature:

Not much to do, nothing that you couldn't do yourself, for the lifetime of the car, AFAICS
But to satisfy warranty coverage, the New Vehicle Limited Warranty page (17) of the"Service and Warranty Information 2017" booklet has this:
(see attached jpg)
Publication Font Book Paper Paper product
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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