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I'm a bit confused about a one year service on my electric Smart. From memory I recall my salesman saying that there really isn't a service until the first three, maybe four years of ownership. However, a few weeks ago I started getting a countdown warning that the car is due for service. I checked my manual and it only states that there is an A Service and a B Service. The A Service is done the first year and then every other year afterwards. The B Service occurs every other year. In essence, according to the manufacturer the car needs a service every year. Being the curious sort and having lots of service needs for my past cars and motorcycles I checked the numerous books supplied with the car on exactly what would be serviced. I couldn't find anything, it's possible it's in one of the manuals but if it is, it's pretty well hidden. So I call up my Mercedes/Smart dealership service department, told them I just leased the car a year ago and what service was required, they told me it needs an oil change, I said it was electric, they said then it's a general inspection and they will check the battery. I then asked, how much? Answer, shop rate for one hour is $160. I don't mind paying a fee but for the life of me I can't even begin to wrap my head around what they will do with the car for an hour, let alone half an hour. Maybe a ten minute job... am I being naive, which is possible.

I think the part that really bugs me is there is no documentation and no explanation of what they plan on doing with the car. Anyone here have any info?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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