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I'm with you, Smarty!

the smart would be the IDEAL car to produce a hybrid version of. Why oh why can't they do that for us relatively immediately? I would RUN to my nearest Mercedes dealership and sit there for upwards of a year to hold my place in line for a hybrid smart! Oh YEAH, babe! That would be the ticket: a hybrid smart!

P.S. I just spent $3.10 per gallon on my last fill up, btw. :( A hybrid or electric smart can't come soon enough for me! Even the regular 40 mpg one that is coming is extremely welcome!

Yeah, that's already gone, though...Nov 8th it went to someone. HT is selling their version of an electric for 48K which is the same one that Sam's Club sold. Not sure what kind of marketing play that was.

I am looking for the PHEV version which, IMHO, is the epitome of what a green commuter vehicle should be. Small and efficient, this car would provide transportation for at least 2 people to and from work mostly from power taken from the grid rather than the gas pump. A company named Zytek in the UK is developing and testing a diesel PHEV over there. Not sure how they are doing.....
I have stated here numerous times that my plan is to either trade the one I'll get in the first quarter of '08 at a time when the PHEV's are available or convert it myself if they keep vascillating about when it will be available as they are doing now. Time will tell. One way or another, in the next 2-3 years, I will have my Smart PHEV even if I have to build it myself.....:) Plugging in makes the MOST SENSE in terms of operation cost/mile and the infrastructure is already there.
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