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electric window module

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I converted Max from crank windows to power windows by buying all the appropriate stuff. New door handles in place and window regulators installed. In order for the window buttons to operate the windows there is a module that needs to be plugged in. It has VDO on the sticker of it and I guess it is called a door module and it controls the power door locks also. I have the 2008 Fortwo tech manual that has a diagram of all the modules and their locations in the vehicle. My first problem was since I only had power door locks and crank windows would I have the module already on the vehicle? If so the windows don't work. If I don't have the module there should be the wire connectors already in place because the window buttons and regulators already had the appropriate wire and connectors in place. I should have some type of module because it is needed to operate the door locks. I dropped the Sam down and even removed the driver seat so that I could get my long frame laying under the dash. I cannot find a trace of a module or the connectors. There is a surprising amount of space under the dash above everything. I found the TMPS module and I know where the SRS module is because I replaced it but the door module is eluding me. Does anyone know the exact location or have a picture of it? DCO
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Thank you John for the reply. I found the same thing in the tech manual. The one on Ebay is the one I have. Didn't find anything helpful on Evilution but might not have had the exact "search phrase" needed to bring up the answer to my problem. Where's Rusted Wrench when we need him? Lol
As a follow up. For two's with crank windows does NOT have the power window module installed. No wonder I couldn't find it because it wasn't there. But I did finally find the 2 connectors to plug it into. They are taped to the main harness of wires that comes from the firewall and crosses over the steering shaft from the steering wheel. Right as the wires pass over the steering shaft, the connectors are lightly taped to the main wiring harness. All window buttons and regulator motors had the wires in place to just plug them in. My Fortwo is a 2011. After plugging up the module and turning on the ignition the windows roll up and down perfectly. Fuse #3 controls the power to the system. No SAM programming is needed it is plug and play.
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It's not really related to my power window thread but just to take a note. If you install a power steering rack on your Fortwo you need the power steering module. It is a heavy module with 3 connectors. The connectors for it are right over top of the SAM. Just drop the SAM down and there they are lightly taped to the main wiring harness. Plugging in the module ( as I did) will trigger your traction control and the ABS lights on the dash cluster. But I am.sure as soon as I get the rack installed and plugged in (connectors are there) I will be able to clear those codes I hope. If it needs enabled with the Star computer I will let everyone know.
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