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Trying to figure out if it's the software or is it the adapter that's not connecting.

Backstory I purchased used fog lights, harness and a new light stalk. Was hoping to get in there and program it today.. so I hooked up the Bluetooth elm. My win 10 laptop was able to connect to it.. I dl and installed ddt4all and zip file of the data base (in the ddt4all folder) but when I went to the eem. Then went and found the Emm lighting.. when the screen pop up it had no value (sorry I should have taken a picture) I went through all 3 versions of ddt4all (win xp.. ver 1.5 and the latest) and all of them had no value to adjust

So I kinda feel that the elm I bought is fake/bad. (so I downloaded a elm identify) and ran a test it did come back as a 1.5

Any suggestions on which elm327 to buy.. the one I purchased claims to be a chip set pic18f2480..
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