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Engine Bay Insulation - where can I order a replacement?

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My 08 451 had the recall done in 2018 but it is disintegrating again (maybe undiagnosed mice). Where can I buy replacement? My local mechanic can’t get parts from Mercedes dealer.
I checked Mercedes parts and the number I have doesn’t look like the insulation (451-682-00-61). This is the part number listed on my recall invoice as insulation.
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Google the part number.
It will bring it up.
I’ve gotta have that recall done to one of my 08 smarts and it is coming apart bad.
There is two part numbers.
One for the one in front of the engine between the engine and the chassis and one between the engine and the rear bumper area.
Mine needs both replaced.
The above part number apparently is for the lower “insulation”. I can see this drawing on the Mercedes page. I don’t find a replacement for the lid that covers the engine (the one with insulation on it). Perhaps that wasn’t part if this recall. It still seems like a fire hazard.
The lid is a different part. Looks like this.
Road surface Asphalt Bumper Wood Composite material
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If it were me, I’d cut a piece of dynamat to shape, and adhere iit to the under lid of cover. It will never
fall off.

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Now this sounds like what I need. The insulation needs replacing not the lid (which they don’t have a replacement part for—it would have to come out of a used car. Not worth that. Just needs the insulation. Thanks!!
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