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Engine Bay Insulation - where can I order a replacement?

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My 08 451 had the recall done in 2018 but it is disintegrating again (maybe undiagnosed mice). Where can I buy replacement? My local mechanic can’t get parts from Mercedes dealer.
I checked Mercedes parts and the number I have doesn’t look like the insulation (451-682-00-61). This is the part number listed on my recall invoice as insulation.
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Google the part number.
It will bring it up.
I’ve gotta have that recall done to one of my 08 smarts and it is coming apart bad.
There is two part numbers.
One for the one in front of the engine between the engine and the chassis and one between the engine and the rear bumper area.
Mine needs both replaced.
It’s called an engine cover and you can get it online via the parts site.(autobahn smart comes to mind)
I used that tape like is used for heating ductwork on that on mine.
Works great and can stand the heat.
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Hmm that would be cheaper then replacing the whole cover.
I do have some noise deadening material I wonder if it will work as good.(may just get that anyway as I’ve been looking to quiet down the engine noise a bit)
That has me curious as my 08 needs both replaced and I plan on getting the one under the recall done but the other I may do this.
I had some noise deadening material that I had got for another car and tried some over the top of the engine cover (flex pipe allows some exhaust noise out before the muffler) and it made a huge difference in noise levels(sounds like the muffler is actually working)
Doing it in place of the factory stuff may work better.
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