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Hi, I'm sharing some info

I used something like this: (nothing but the best) for the readings Taylor 5989N Classic Instant Read Pocket Thermometer: Meat Thermometers: Kitchen & Dining

Each reading was after about an 1.5 hours drive, mostly highway. The days outside air temperature was 70 degrees, both ways, both times.

To Work, Left Side (Drivers Side) 130 Degrees F
8 hours later
To Home, Right Side (Passenger Side) 150 Degrees F

Just thought I share this info. I needed it because in installing GTMAT PRO stuff around the upper inside edge of the engine bay. And this stuff false at above 300 Degrees.

6 sqft Gtmat Pro 50mil Car Audio Speaker Sound Dampener All Vehicles 1' x 1' | eBay

I'm surprised at how low these temperatures are, I was expecting much higher readings?
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