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Engine idling rough

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Anyone's 453 run a bit rough at idle? I bought the car brand new and it wasn't this rough for the first 5k miles. I have tried different gas, etc asll the same. I took it to Mercedes of Sacramento and they said 2 things. 1 they have never even had a newer smart in there and 2 it was normal. If I rev it to like 1200 RPM's it is fine and smooth but just sitting at a light its definitely rumbling.
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Our 453 idles smoothly . I have the Lorinser powerpack . I’m guessing that may have something to do with it . When I first installed the powerpack I had an electrical interference issue with the car running smoothly at idle. I had to re route some of the powerpack wires to the top of the stock harness to avoid the problem .. since I did that , the idle has been super smooth .
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