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Error Code P0071

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Does anyone have experience replacing the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor in a 2008 Smart Passion?
I can't figure out where to replace it.
My local mechanic (my Smart dealer is 400 miles away!) got the part for me.
I hope it's the right one. It's made in Czech. BWD WT5617 P17132.

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The ambient temp sensor is clipped into the front crash bar (behind the bumper) on the left side.
I'm not sure if it can be reached by lowering the front belly pan. I know it's accessible when the front body panels are removed. That's not as bad as it sounds if you have some help. You may find enough information here to get that done. If not, the Evilution web site has pretty good instructions. It does have a subscription cost, but most of us find it to be a great value. Like 10-12 bucks a year?
As I recall, the sensor has a round ball on one end, and the wires coming out the other.
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I guess I was close . . . but no cigar. It's below the crash bar. :shrug:
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