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Error Code P0071

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Does anyone have experience replacing the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor in a 2008 Smart Passion?
I can't figure out where to replace it.
My local mechanic (my Smart dealer is 400 miles away!) got the part for me.
I hope it's the right one. It's made in Czech. BWD WT5617 P17132.

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Thanks so much! I just renewed my membership to Evilution and found some more photos about the outside air temp sensor.
When the mechanic got stuck I went to the local library and pulled up an image from the Evilution Smart Car Encyclopedia. It was called an Ambient Temperature Sensor located "in the front lower nearside air dam in the front bumper". The photo wasn't very clear and I remember he took off the small plastic grill piece under the driver's side of the license plate..we saw a hole that he thought was for the fog lights? I guess I'm confused about how to get "below the crash bar"?
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