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Error P0500 - "Vehicle speed sensor malfunction vehicle speed sensor A"[06 Roadster]


First I just want to say that im sorry about my English, I live in Norway so my English isn't perfect.

So, my 2006 Smart Roadster Brabus Exclusive have been acting up the last months, it doesn't always start.
When i try, i hear a buzzing sound from the engine, probably from the starter(not an electrical buzz), and nothing more happens.
Its not like this every time, probably like 50% of the time.

So, I got myself an OBD2 reader, and found error P0500, "Vehicle speed sensor malfunction vehicle speed sensor A".

What is wrong, and how do i check it?
I would guess faulty wiring, but I don't really know...
I have never had any problems with the speedometer.

Greetings from Norway
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