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Essential and Special Tools

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Unlike the Citroen 2CV, which is the other type of minicar I own, the 451 is crafted with fine engineering in mind and as such, can best be served by having a variety of essential and special tools handy.

So far I have noticed that the following are essential for work on the car:

-1/4" and 3/8" drive ratchets, breaker bars, extensions and universal joints
-Metric short and deep-well sockets to 21mm
-Stubby and standard six point combination metric wrenches from 5mm to 21mm inclusive
-Variety of TORX-drive metric sockets from T-9 to T-60 in different drive sizes
-Variety of lengths of flat blade and Phillips screwdrivers
-Pliers of various types to include: slip joint, channel-lock, diagonal cutters, lineman's pliers
-Multiple sizes of pin punches and C-Clamps
-Multiple sizes of mandrels
-Small and medium ballpein hammers and 2lb dead-blow hammer
  • Crimping set to repair wires or make splices and some wire to go with it.
  • An inexpensive volt-ohmmeter with leads
  • A good OBDII diagnostic unit. I have a Foxwell NT-510 made for MBs and smart models

Anything else you can think of? I am especially interested in MB special tools related to the smarts.
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Having your own STAR machine is really fun. :) I got one free with my free 450. <3

I also carry zip ties, a spare tire or fix a flat (depends on the trip), jumper cables, tire plugs, a 12V air pump, and a propane heater. I often drive deep into the wilderness so it's good to be prepared.
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You got a STAR machine? I'd like to see what they look like.
Nothing special. It's an ancient ThinkPad with a thing called a multiplexer.

Are you boondocking? I want to get into teardrop camping and have seen many uk guys doing it. PS, those torx sockets are really helpful in the 453 if you need to remove the seats.
I do an offroad navigational rally give or take once every two months. I usually tent camp but lately I've been getting into the idea of sleeping in the car itself.
You've followed my 2008 ForTwo unreliable-reverse-gear postings recently, someone suggested I'd benefit from having a STAR machine, I see you have one.... Can it do the diagnostic? Can it read/report my transmission firmware revision? OR, In what way might my issue benefit from having a STAR machine, if you know? Your insight is appreciated.
I believe it can! It has a program that tries to adjust and reteach the transmission. I've been using it to try to revive my 450's clutch actuator from the dead. Unfortunately, it wasn't successful (potentially indicating that my clutch actuator itself is dead/dying). Honestly I have little idea of what the thing does or how to use it. I just follow the instructions on on how to make it do certain things.
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