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Essential and Special Tools

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Unlike the Citroen 2CV, which is the other type of minicar I own, the 451 is crafted with fine engineering in mind and as such, can best be served by having a variety of essential and special tools handy.

So far I have noticed that the following are essential for work on the car:

-1/4" and 3/8" drive ratchets, breaker bars, extensions and universal joints
-Metric short and deep-well sockets to 21mm
-Stubby and standard six point combination metric wrenches from 5mm to 21mm inclusive
-Variety of TORX-drive metric sockets from T-9 to T-60 in different drive sizes
-Variety of lengths of flat blade and Phillips screwdrivers
-Pliers of various types to include: slip joint, channel-lock, diagonal cutters, lineman's pliers
-Multiple sizes of pin punches and C-Clamps
-Multiple sizes of mandrels
-Small and medium ballpein hammers and 2lb dead-blow hammer
  • Crimping set to repair wires or make splices and some wire to go with it.
  • An inexpensive volt-ohmmeter with leads
  • A good OBDII diagnostic unit. I have a Foxwell NT-510 made for MBs and smart models

Anything else you can think of? I am especially interested in MB special tools related to the smarts.
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Having your own STAR machine is really fun. :) I got one free with my free 450. <3
You've followed my 2008 ForTwo unreliable-reverse-gear postings recently, someone suggested I'd benefit from having a STAR machine, I see you have one.... Can it do the diagnostic? Can it read/report my transmission firmware revision? OR, In what way might my issue benefit from having a STAR machine, if you know? Your insight is appreciated.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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