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EV Batteries Are More Awesome Than We Thought. Probably.

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An interesting opine from CleanTechnia 9/7/2014 . . .

"When I went to buy my EV, I was concerned about battery life. Sure, the car would come with a battery warranty, some of which are more awesome than others, but what about after the warranty expired? How much would a battery pack cost to replace? How long would it really last? 8 years? 10? 15? It was all very mysterious, and no one was really making any promises. So, being the giant nerd that I am, I set out on a mission. A mission to figure out how tough the batteries in EVs really are. I started with the car I would end up buying: the Smart Electric Drive. I scoured the internet, and found a document from the manufacturer. I don’t have permission to reproduce it, but I can give you the highlights:

  1. ~9000 cycles at 1C (extrapolated)
  2. 4000 cycles 2C
  3. 3000 cycles at 3C Note: All stats are 100% depth of discharge (DoD) to 80% remaining capacity.

These stats are nothing but impressive. At 9000 cycles, and 80 miles per charge, I could expect my Smart Electric Drive to travel 648,000 miles and still have 80% battery capacity! Amazing, no? These are some seriously tough cells! Another interesting point? At 2% DoD cycling, at insanely high rates, the cells lasted 3.5 million cycles! That’s insane! Guess we don’t have to worry about regenerative braking wear!"

Stephen Grinwis​
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Unfortunately, things are a bit different in the real world. The famous 125k mile ED has 90% battery remaining.

In fairness, it does seem that 125k ED isn't always babied, but it does fall far short of that 648k calculation. He'll probably reach 80% at 250k. But heck, with many ICE cars not even making 200k without needing a new engine it's still impressive.
Yep, there are a lot of EV myths and some real issues that are going by the wayside as more EVs are produced, technology improves, and infrastructure improves. It wasn't too long ago that LED bulbs were insanely expensive and hard to justify. Now, you wouldn't even think of using anything else. EVs will be there in the next 5 - 10 years, IMHO, but are already really good (at a higher cost) for a lot of people. Five year TCO is pretty comparable now on some models.
Yes, the Smart ED traction battery will last a very long time and live to a ripe old age if it doesn't commit suicide over its 12V lead-acid partner temporarily dying...
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