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Excited and befuddled newbie

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Hello all,

Just this weekend I purchased a 2016 Fortwo ED. It was a lease with just under 9000 miles. Seems to be in great condition. So many questions... but I'll just ask two for now.

1. Does the battery management system prevent the battery from being fully charged/discharged?

2. Can the battery be "supercharged" or is level 2 the highest level charge it can take?

Thanks for any and all help

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Welcome to the forum, Brad!! I wish I could answer most of your questions, but I am a 10 year owner of a gas smart. There are many ED owners on the forum that should be able to offer all the help you need.
Brad - welcome. Go to the Electric Smart forum and start reading and asking questions there. Level 2 is the fastest charging you got for your car.

2014 EV Coupe 18,000 mo;es
2014 EV Cabriolet 12,000 miles
1. Basically, yes. The BMS will absolutely prevent overcharging, but if you run the battery down to zero so that the car stops moving, but then let it sit for a bit before trying to drive again, it will go some small additional distance. If you do this several times and then let it sit at that very depleted state for a long time, like a week or more, you could brick your main battery.

2. Maximum charging speed is around 3.5 kW for a US car. European smarts had a 22 kW chargingn option that was never available in the US.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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