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I experienced a problem the other day where I started my car and backed out of a parking spot. I didn't notice it but the Warning Light in the Center of the Console with the exclamation point in the middle was on. Also, my car was not shifting by itself out of 1st gear. I could put the car in manual and use the paddle shifters with no problem.

I called SMART USA and the tech on the line told me to do something I NEVER THOUGH in a million years would work.

He said park the car and turn it off and let it sit a little bit. Then turn the key just so the accessories are are and shift slowly from Park, to Reverse, to Neutral to Drive and back to Neutral.

At neutral turn the wheel as far to the left that you can and as far to the right as you can. Then put it in park and turn the car off.

I turned the car on and the light was gone and everything worked great!

I noticed when I turned the wheel all the way to the left the light turned off... so I wonder if it was a steering issue?

Anyway, I hope this helps somebody!

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Just in case, the procedure has been posted in the Maintenance sticky "FAQs" (the first thread in Maintenance). Granted, it is a bit hidden, but that FAQs folder should help when the search function seems too much. :eek:
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