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I almost got a Doug Thorley side exhaust good price but too much to ship plus my intention was to mod it with a flex pipe and an extension to point it out back.. Moving on mentally I am now thinking of just cutting out the original 2014 Smart muffler and putting in a Flowmaster DBX tube.

As pictured My 2014 Smart stock muffler is modded so exhaust tip is out rear, the Flow master would also be pointed out back. I don't want big volume
I want a European hum. By leaving Cat in place and therefore no sensors involved, this mainly is an exhaust tone chase. Note my Current KnN filter in stock box with Powerdesign ram air side scoop give it a likable raspy sound as is.

The at idle sound is the sound not the sound when it is reving

of course there is this smoke and mirrors that the future of electric cars will no doubt include.
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