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Exhaust upgrade

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Hello. #SmartFriends .

After i put the intake on my car now im planning to get the exhaust as well. I´ve seen SOLO Performance, Carlsson and brabus exhaust. There are some videos but i cannot take differences on the sound between those three.

Based on my liking, that 4-pipe Carlsson exhaust is the most beautiful for me, but i would like to know if it is worth it (over $1000 investment) and what kind of sound and/or improvement do you get?

I want a better tone, but not super loud sound.

Any suggestions or comments?, thank you!
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- I have a solo performance exhaust and i notice less low end tq and more tq at a higher rpm. It will pass cars on the highway with less time needed. Stop light to stop light, i have to give it alot of gas to avoid the shifter lag from 1-2.
- Yea, i agree. Keep the exhaust stock till the flex pipe breaks or someone wants to buy your stock exhaust.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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