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:(Don't let Bar's Products swindle you, the product is crap

I copied everything from the Internet, because consumers are always duped by people on the wrong doing and is about time to take the mask off from those swindlers
Hard earned money is not
for those crooks at Bar's

Bar's head gasket fix ruined my car beyond repair and I have the right to expose those crooks to the international community
Bar's duped me, with great product results printed on the bottle and to permanent fix the head gasket. Also by false reviews posted on the websites
Bar’s Products Inc MI is running a business having no credibility, no honesty and no integrity
Bar’s defective product caused $7,000 in engine damaged and car parts and Fred Mannix never paid me
Bar’s Products Inc, Michigan keeps conning American consumers
Bar’s Products Inc, MI 48442, Robert J Mermuys and Fred Mannix are the ultimate swindlers and liars, available anywhere in the USA
phone 1-800-521-7475 Fax 1-810-603-1335

Will you buy Bar’s head gasket #1111 sold by swindlers and crooks to damage your engine?

I learned that consumers complained by the thousands on Bar’s products and goes back to 15 years. And the mechanics told people that the product is crap
Bar’s product losses in sales are big and feels the pressure from the competition and built many websites with bogus reviews
It is fraudulent and nonsense and everything posted is the work of con-artists
Take a look at some of its bogus reports:
In 2011, Bar’s reported on the internet sales of 5 million and the number of employees working for Bar’s were from 10 to 20, but 2 years after that in 2013, Bar’s reported on the Internet sales of 50 million, having 250 people working for them (all fraudulent, fakes and bogus reports)
To verify everything on the number of employees working at Bar's, Bar's must make public a copy of the State of Michigan Worker's Compensation Insurance, otherwise all is fake
50 millions in sales having only 5 or 6 different bottles of products to sell?
If China will learn on this business, China will stop all worldwide exports and to focus only in selling Bar's 5 different bottles to become super rich in one day?

All is BS!

Also on one website Bar’s posted:
“Bar’s sold hundreds of millions of bottles”, but Bar’s never specified if the bottles sold were empty bottles, sold at Bar’s owned mini-market selling Coke and Pepsi soft drinks.
It is all bogus reports and all is pure stupidity to dupe consumers, done by brainless people at Bar's

Bar's cheap place and address where Bar’s is located in Holly, Michigan, is suitable for a cemetery, where no even a coyote wants to be bury in there
So, Bar’s Products can’t afford to rent or lease in a prestigious city business park, but claimed to sell millions? ….It is only BS
When the economy is doing well, the largest companies in the USA increases its sales by 3 to 4% yearly and we are talking about monster companies with thousands and thousands of employees all over the USA
The American people needs to evaluate everything that's being claimed by Bar’s and if it is not true, Bar’s must pay a big price for it
Fred Mannix preys on people emotions and needs and do evil; because con men are evil, undeniably so.

Fred Mannix is "imported" from Calgary, Canada and having experience to swindle people

All I have to say is: if Bar's goes under, so many crooks will go under too


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about Bar's products consumer swindlers

I feel like a piece of junk
Unpaid damages on my car and walking the streets at high temperatures
I think, I deserve a lot better

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Wow, the OP's tirade in the other thread wasn't enough, so he has to create another one?

I've never bought a Bar's product, never will. There is no "quick fix" for a serious engine problem. Is Bar's advertising false? Maybe, but "Caveat Emptor. If you're gullible enough to believe a $10 bottle of "miracle fix" will replace proper corrective maintenance, then you get what you deserve...:cool:

Besides, I'm still not convinced this isn't a troll poster. I mean, did you check the grammar in his post? Somebody who posts something that pointed should at least double check it before submitting. Nine posts, and the OP has done nothing but tirade.:rolleyes:
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