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I was looking to be proactive and prevent wire fraying issues in my 2014 ED. Of which it appears doesn't have the same issues with non-protected wiring, although I'm still waiting to verify that.
Anyhows, when I went to put the hood back on; it would not stay tight on the right side(drivers side). After finagling with it for some time I had to break down how the heck these latch mechanisms are suppose to work.
In doing so, I found the culprit to why the hood would not remain tight.
It had to do with the top hook having somehow been rotated into the wrong position for holding the hold-down tab.
Once I saw it didn't match, I separated the two pieces then reinserted the tab block back over the top with the clip facing the right direction.
By doing so, the hood completely latched and stayed shut close to the body like it was supposed to.
Just a heads up because I've owned the car a full year now and never knew the hood wasn't secured properly. Good thing I didn't take it on the highway.

The second picture is the proper alignment.


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