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A vast collection of (almost) all technical infos (start at post #1)

Car won't start after disconnected battery: re-teach the car

Engine swap

Certain fuses are missing in the NA 451 Owners Manual (pg 285). List at:

DIY Gear Shifter and Lube (Video @ post #48)

How to adjust your headlights, very easy!!!

How to install a switch to defeat the "on all the time" heated mirrors

Replace/repair the cabin air heater/AC electric fan

How to Jack Up Your Smart Properly

Disassembling, changing the key battery:

Locked out and the car batter'y dead, someone's experience and tips on how to open the door

Reset Maintenance Interval

Online Technical Manual (by subscription, cheaper than smart's)

Gas Miles per Gallon tracking

How to change your oil in the smart
List of oil/filter

Parts, good source for used parts, including full engines

Rear Window Washer's not getting fluid? Check the connection (pic)

Shifter Stuck in Park, here is the get home now fix

Maximize shifting for optimum MPG/torque...

Fabric Sunshade Installation

My Car Won't Start and the display reads three bars instead of P

When all else fails, check our in-house Supporting Tuner.
Evilution - Smart Car Encyclopaedia
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.