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Calling all San Antonio/Austin and beyond Smart cars and Benz'zzz, the
Alamo Area Mercedes Smart Owners Assn is back running the Highways & ByWays of Texas.

Feb 16th 2013 meeting in SA and heading north we are running the "official" Devils Backbone. This time about 90% of it not just a smidgen. Once we are on FM 32 off of Highway 281 instead of heading north on RR 12 we will be making a side trip to Wimberely Glass Works for a glass blowing demo, gallery visit and hang out for a while. It's not as curled pinky finger event as you would think !! It's a great demo and how many can say they've been ?

Once we are done irritating Tim and the gang at WGW we will back track a little bit hang a north of RR 12 and do the Backbone. Once we have completed the Backbone "officially" We are going to stop on the way home for nourishment and playing "how fast did YOU get".

Austin/Dallas Smarts you can meet us at WGW so your not driving all that distance. We'll, ok I would LOVE to have as many Smarts with us as we can get. This is a beautiful hunk of road and really cool humans.

For a time schedule and any other info ? Holler at me via non club e mail at
[email protected]

We also need to start thinking about when we are going to swarm all over Leander Coffee & Rides. We are heading up so Dallas ? How about you heading down and we arrive in a huge pile of cars. I sent off a note to Leander C&R with no response so (evil grin) let's just show up !!! May or June. It's on a Sunday. Just wanted to let you know I'm planning on it and would enjoy having a pookie load of Smarts there as well.

See as many bodies as want to show up for the Devils Backbone Wimberely Glass Works event. Thanks for the time !!!

Blow By U
Miz-Behavin's Mom
Events Goddess for the bunch
They call me Zephyr The Chimp
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