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Hi gang:
If anyone is interested in joining us for the run out to Wimberley Glass Works and then a little more of the Devils Backbone tour please feel free to tag along. We are departing San Antonio at 10:00 a.m. meeting at 9:45 at the Valero/Tetco gas station 6-ish miles north of 1604 just over the Cibolo Creek maybe 6.5 miles north of 1604.

We are doing the reverse River Road run starting in New Braunfels and heading north to Canyon Lake. Stopping for lunch at the lake and then continuing on to Purgatory Road then onto Wimberley Glass Works for a glass blowing demo. From there onto Wimberley and a few back roads and a few more back roads and a few more ending up somewhere near a highway to head to either the nearest bar ? or home.

If you need more info ? Send me an e mail at: [email protected]

It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL day for a FANTASTIC drive. Come on out and come play !!!!!

Hope to see ya'll on Saturday.

The Events Goddess
Alamo Mercedes Smart Owners Assn.
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