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First Mileage Report

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Greetings again

Lets get to the meat of this post.

The commute, 10 miles highway, 7 miles back roads, 6 traffic lights and 5 stop signs.

On highway 65-75 Mph, back roads 20-40Mph, AC on (this tank) 75% of the time.

Drove to 298.5 miles on trip odometer and refilled with 7.1 "Yank" gallons ( I say this because in Canada as well as the UK they use Imperial gallons (about 1/5th more), for a grand total of 42 MPG for my first tank.

My first fill up was at Lukin (spelling?) 91 octane @ 2.93 per gallon, this new tank is from Hess, 93 octane @ 2.85 per gallon.

I will try all the gas brands because according to the UK posts there is a (sometimes a BIG) difference, once done the I will play with driving habits.

And for the EU readers that's 480 kilometers on 28.187 Liters or 5.872 L per 100 Km

More to follow:p

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alright...way to go! :)

I know I will be happy with anything above 40 mpg with the 451's, for just the same type of driving you mentioned. woo hoo!:D
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