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First time owning a smart car, help.

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Hey everyone! Please give me tips on how to keep this little guy well maintained. I live in Orlando, Fl and would love to know where I can take my smartie for repairs, maintenance, service, check ups, etc. I just want to be prepared in case things happen.
How often do I need to change the coolant? Is this done during the oil change? What kind of tires can I buy if they need to be replaced? Where can I purchase new tire sensors, headlights, panels?
the clear coat is peeling and I have read that all I can do for that is change the panels.
Anything else I should know about this car?

I own a 2011 Smart Fortwo Pure, 40,000 miles
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Stock size tires are either Continentals or Kuhmos. The fronts are different than the rears so don't try to rotate them. Tire Rack online has them, along with the tps (sensors)
Oil change is done every 10,000 miles or yearly, whichever comes first. Oil is Mobil1 0-40 european blend and it holds 3.7 quarts
Headlights are a standard H7 bulb and are a pain to install the first time.
Clearcoat peeling is a feature, meaning they won't do anything about it. Panels can be ordered online at but shipping is expensive. Some colors are moulded in, some are painted. You might check with a local body shop about fixing the clearcoat.

Another good source for repairs is he has everything about these cars. You do have a 451 model if it comes up. Youtube also has a lot of information about repairs.
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