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First time owning a smart car, help.

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Hey everyone! Please give me tips on how to keep this little guy well maintained. I live in Orlando, Fl and would love to know where I can take my smartie for repairs, maintenance, service, check ups, etc. I just want to be prepared in case things happen.
How often do I need to change the coolant? Is this done during the oil change? What kind of tires can I buy if they need to be replaced? Where can I purchase new tire sensors, headlights, panels?
the clear coat is peeling and I have read that all I can do for that is change the panels.
Anything else I should know about this car?

I own a 2011 Smart Fortwo Pure, 40,000 miles
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Oil should meet Mercedes Benz 229.5 specification
Walmart has Pennzoil Euro 0W-40, which has run really well in my 2009 Smart...

Oil filter
The usual oil filter is Wix 57040 size, but I use the longer Wix 51356...
The oil capacity goes from 3.7 quarts to exactly 4 using the oversized filter...
Look on Rock Auto for cabin, engine, and oil filters...

A cheap cabin air filter is here..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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