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I just bought my first smart fortwo. It's a 12 pure and I love it! It's not in the best shape, and I think it may be a franken car, but it runs good now!

It ran a bit rough when I got it, even with a full tank of premium. I was told it was serviced at a Mercedes dealership recently but I don't think so. The oil was very black and and smelled like gasoline. I dumped a whole can of Seafoam in the oil and some in the fuel tank, then did an induction cleaning with a Seafoam kit and blew smoke everywhere! I didn't hear any preignition or stalling when the cleaner went through either. Next was an oil change, I went with Pennzoil Platinum 5w40 euro and a k&n oil filter.

Afterwards smartie(yes I named it smartie) ran much smoother, but the shifting was still a bit... jerky sometimes. I decided to take a look at the transmission oil, it didn't look terrible, but still had lots of silver in it, so changed it with some Redline MTL. It definitely takes off and shifts MUCH smoother now, especially up hills. The MTL is a little lighter than the 75w90 that's specified but it doesn't get hot where live so I think it should work great! It does seem to shift perfectly now. If anyone else has used Redline MTL in one of these please let me know!

Also, can anyone tell me if the 451 has MPFI or direct injection? I will have to make induction cleaning part of the routine maintenance if it has direct injection. Happy driving!
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